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> names in OSM are usually in natural language, CR2 is probably what
> OpenStreetMap calls a ref, which is for numbers and alphanumeric
> codes. The other name is also looking like a code, I agree with
> Richard’s suggestion to use one name and 2 refs for your example.
  So no space ? USFS roads use "FS " with a space, at least that seems
to be common. So should those be "FS739.1A' ? I agree on one name and 2
refs. County road names in 'ref' and USFS names in 'ref:usfs'. I can see
I have a long editing session coming up...

  Another fun one is you can buy road signs on ebay, so another road in
that area was 'Aspen Road' according to the county, but the sign says
'Aspen Lane', cause it was in stock. :-) I made that an 'alt_name'.
After the fire was out, I had fun talking to the neighbors to try to
make sense of it all. My fire department would be so screwed without our
ability to improve our own maps.

        - rob -

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