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> > Tag *names*, by contrast, use an underscore instead of a space.
> > Kevin Kenny's comment above indicates what appears to be the
> > consensus on the tag name(s) in the USA. So in theory you might have
> > ref:US:NFSR:Raggeds_Wilderness:NFH=FS 826. That seems to me to be a
> > bit much to swallow ...
>   Yeah, maybe too verbose. :-) I can tell which forest it's in by
> checking the boundary. I haven't seen that long tag actually used, at
> least not here in Colorado. I think 'ref:usfs' works fine.

No, I was talking about the network name in a route=road relation.

route=road relations provide a way to group all the individual
segments of a numbered route into a coherent whole, and allow for
better handling of things like the choice of highway shield and the
handling of concurrencies (where two numbered routes run along the
same roadway).

https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/3109478 is an example that I
was just editing this evening.  It has a lot of individual roadways,
and the presence of the relation allows them to be worked on as a
group, listed end to end, have mileage tables produced, and so on.

On the route relation the reference is just '159'.  The 'network' is 'US:NY'.

The 'ref' appears on the individual ways as 'NY 159'.

A county road needs to identify the county as well as the state in its
'network', so with https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/3122269
you'll see that the 'ref' is still just '88' but the 'network' is
'US:NY:Schenectady'.  Since different counties use different shields,
'CR' wouldn't be enough to determine what shield to use in rendering.
The 'ref' on the way is still 'CR 88'.

For USFS roads, the numbers can be reused between forests, or so I
understand, so the complex string for the 'network' is used to make
sure that there's something unique about the route.  'FS 12345' wouid
be a perfectly good 'ref' on the way,  but doesn't give you the other
advantages of route relations.

For your example, the 'ref' on the way would be 'CR2;FS 729.2B'. The
way would be a member of two route relations, one for the county road
and one for the Forest Service route.

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