On 8/18/19 9:09 PM, Johnparis wrote:
> Don't know how you deduced "no space?" from Martin's comment. A space
> is an alphanumeric character. In any case, as I mentioned, there is

  I just read too much into example of 'CR2'... I'm just trying to get
it right, so routing works better. I prefer the space as it's easier to

> The problem with space-vs-no space arises particularly with refs,
> which are searchable. If you include the space for refs of national
> routes in Morocco, someone will remove it; if you omit it in Algeria,
> someone will add it. There are some advantages to consistency within
> a given area,

  Many of the existing USFS roads in OSM in this area use 'alt_name',
which doesn't seem to get used for routing, while the ref* ones do. I'm
a huge fan of consistency, since it makes it easier to parse data and
render when I'm making maps.

> Tag *names*, by contrast, use an underscore instead of a space.
> Kevin Kenny's comment above indicates what appears to be the
> consensus on the tag name(s) in the USA. So in theory you might have 
> ref:US:NFSR:Raggeds_Wilderness:NFH=FS 826. That seems to me to be a
> bit much to swallow ...

  Yeah, maybe too verbose. :-) I can tell which forest it's in by
checking the boundary. I haven't seen that long tag actually used, at
least not here in Colorado. I think 'ref:usfs' works fine.

> ... except that, again, you might want to use a space instead of a 
> hyphen in the "ref" tag in this case, and normally you'd use
> semicolons (not commas) as a separator in the "source" tag.

  I'm noticing many of the existing roads in OSM in the area I'm working
on do use the hyphen. As I add and validate the metadata, I am changing
that to a space. The boring janitor work is worth is in the long run.

        - rob -

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