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    > We should probably add both of these to the proposed list of
    > campsite property tags at

      That's be a good idea, as bear boxes are becoming more and more
    in western US campgrounds.

We don't have that problem!,

'We' have problems with possums, mice and rats (native, not the other kind yet). They have been known to eat through expensive tents and backpacks even where the 'food' inside is simply a unwashed stain.

Boxes have been provided in a few locations.
At other locations hanging food (and rubbish) is required unless you want it eaten and scattered around.

Dingoes are also a problem, but they usually just steel, they don't open tents or eat into them. At a few places currawong have learnt how to undo zippers and access food inside backpacks.


Is there a requirement to tag these 'animal resistant boxes'? Would a more universal tag be better?

I am surprised raccoons are not a problem in northern America.
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