Am 22. August 2019 03:41:08 MESZ schrieb Rob Savoye <>:
>On 8/21/19 7:27 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
>>     For someone who is not familiar with the term 'bear box' it may
>>     sound like bears are stored in there.
That would seem like a rather odd idea. Why would a bear be stored in a box, 
and even more so at a camping site?

>>     "Food storage box" might be better?
>  Actually something like that is probably a better term. I think 'bear
>box' only because that's the term I'm familiar with.

I find "bear box" a pretty instructive term. More generic terms don't seem to 
catch the idea of protecting food from animals quite as well. The boxes were 
developed against bears and thus got their named. Also, from my Jack London 
influenced imagination, I immediately understood what we're talking about here. 
Thus, I'd go for "bear box=yes/no", even in areas where there are no bears.

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