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    Is there a requirement to tag these 'animal resistant boxes'?
    Would a more universal tag be better?

I've generally heard these referred to as "bear boxes" regardless of the species they're intended to guard against.  Granted, my exposure to such facilities is limited and I am bear-biased.

American English? Fortunately the UK does not seem to suffer from this issue, so there is no British English example we can use.

For someone who is not familiar with the term 'bear box' it may sound like bears are stored in there.
"Food storage box" might be better?

    I am surprised raccoons are not a problem in northern America.

They are, but unlike bears (especially black bears), raccoons haven't figured out how to open car doors from the outside yet.  Probably owing to their rather short stature being unable to reach the door handle.

If they team together they can form a pyramid for the reach, only need to figure out the handle then.
Can they do zippers? Raiding tents and backpacks then becomes possible.

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