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> Yes, but the demand was still made & 

So what?  Someone (an individual, not 'OSM-Carto' as a whole) made a suggestion 
(and not a demand) that turned out to not be such a good idea and therefore did 
not achieve consensus.

> the solution of writing competent 
> code to enable the proposal was never implemented, 
> so your point is?

I am not sure what you mean here.  One of the problem of tagging boundaries on 
ways and one of the main reason why the idea did not reach consensus is that it 
does not solve any of the rendering problems w.r.t. boundaries in substance.

Code for processing OSM boundary data for cartographic applications exists.  
Not all of it is open source and much of it is just rough implementations not 
robust enough for routine use.  And there are of course very different 
cartographic problems to solve w.r.t. boundary rendering.  Why is nothing in 
that direction in OSM-Carto right now?  Because no one so far has invested the 
volunteer time to do so an no one has invested the money to pay someone 
qualified to do so either.  And a large number of people consider the status 
quo as good enough.  "The good enough is an enemy of the great" is a very 
common pattern in map style development.

Christoph Hormann 

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