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> I’ve seen the micro grants, I’m not talking about funding from OSM 
> Foundation.  Basically if someone could identify a solution to some of the 
> problems that come up in this tagging thread like “updating how X rendering 
> process works”, and the community agrees, an appropriate developer(s) could 
> be hired to fix that, which would enable other things.
I know, I linked it because it was closest thing to what was described and it 
gives some perspective
about likely funding needed.

> For example more complete and systematic local languages translation, 
> “better” cartographic representation (two weeks ago conversation), more 
> complicated water tags (a frequent topic here), whatever.  
Note that the best project would be something that does not require changes to 
data to avoid various conflicts.

Not sure what you mean by "more complicated water tags" but it sounds like a 
poor fit,
if by "more complete and systematic local languages translation" you mean
"setting up rendering server that shows name:en/name:pl/named:de/name:whatever 
not just name tag" then it sounds like a something that has decent chances to 

> The only “back-end cleanup” proposal I see is the > denied osm2pgsql 
> development 
> <>>
>  .
Note that it was funded by OSMF shortly after:

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