Excuse me for being pecky on language - for this once I feel free because language is (more or less) the subject matter anyway.

Where @jakka writes "space", and @ruben neatly follows suit, I think the actual meaning is "blank".

nl "spatie" => en "blank"

en "space" => nl "ruimte"

Not wanting to "score" any personal hits, just for the common good: allow me to recommend that English should only be used by those who master that subtle language really well. There is no reason for not posting in one's native language, on a list of regional importance such as this.

Groeten :)


On 11/08/18 12:38, Ruben wrote:
Hi Frank,

On Fri, 10 Aug 2018 21:06:54 +0200, Jakka <vdmfrank...@gmail.com> wrote:
Where can I see and read what is the correct spelling of the E and other road 
network like A? Is there a space between the letter and number?
The wiki pages 
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Europe/E-road_network and 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_E-road_network are not clear about 
See the mapillary https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/vEtPrDgYQ9nVD2kfehABQg 
example: there are no spaces so should we adapt all those tags?
I believe our local refs are without space (so "A17", "R0", "N540"). Our 
signposting for international refs doesn't use a space either (E40), or sometimes a 'thin space' (E 40). I've 
never seen a full space (E 40).
On their site[1], the Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) consistently 
uses no space for both local and E refs. So I'd be inclined to say it's without 

I see that most of int_ref is with space and ref and nat_ref without? But not 
A few years ago, a French mapper came along and mechanically edited int_refs in 
Belgium. I asked them to stop but their changes were never fully reverted, so 
there are still int_refs with a space in Belgium.
I think it would be safe to remove the spaces mechanically, as it would 
actually be reverting an earlier unauthorized mechanical edit. What do you 

[1] https://wegenenverkeer.be/


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