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> "Space" in English has well over 20 distinct meanings. One of them is
>  • according to Wiktionary[1]: "(letterpress typography) A piece of metal 
> type used to separate words, cast lower than other type so as not to take 
> ink, especially one that is narrower than one en (compare quad). [from 
> 17thc.]".
>  • according to OED[2]:  "In a text: an interval or blank between words, 
> lines, etc.; (Typography) any of several intervals or blanks of varying 
> widths used to separate words, justify lines, etc. Now also (in an electronic 
> or typewritten text): an interval or blank equivalent to one character, which 
> may be produced by pressing a specific key (cf. space bar n.)."

This is not to say that it was necessarily the best word, but that no-one would 
have failed to understand what we meant.

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