For sure! But there are an infinite number of tagging schemes that any 
individual mapper could choose to use. I can’t realistically be expected to get 
my contractor to implement a revised import every time someone dreams one up. 
That’s why I went back to the Wiki to see what it said there, as it is to some 
extent the tagging bible, and it is quite clear that it should be psv=*. That 
and the fact that there are only 275 worldwide rather suggests that it is not 
an accepted tagging scheme.


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On 13 Oct 2016, at 17:38, Chris Hill 
<<>> wrote:

Please don't change the tags to suit your application. If every data consumer 
changed the tags they don't like it would be mayhem. If you edit tags and by 
doing that you upset a single mapper, that is a disaster - mappers are our most 
precious resource.

Change your processing to include both types of tagging. It is not hard to do, 
you write the code once and use it whenever you need to in the future.

Cheers, Chris (chillly)

On 13 October 2016 17:12:21 BST, Stuart Reynolds 
Greetings all!

In Nottingham in particular there are a number of roads marked with access:psv 
tags. This is unusual, in that I would normally expect to see simply psv=* on 
these roads - and more importantly (to me) so would my contractor who is 
importing the data. I’ve checked the wiki for “access” and it seems to agree 
with the contractor that psv=* is the preferred tagging scheme.

There are only 275 instances of access:psv worldwide, and I propose to change 
those (manually) in the areas that I am concerned about in the UK. This is just 
to let you know, in case anyone has any violent objections or wonders what I am 
up to.

Stuart Reynolds
for traveline south east & anglia


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