Well I guess if it is true that Window-Eyes is being fased out, the blind and visually impaired community is getting the very short end in the name of proffits..? Listen, I know that proffits are what keeps a business going, but having no real choices in the screen reader market is going way too far! Of course we all can complain forever, and there will probably be absolutely no one to listen..? Oh well, I will continue to use Window-Eyes for as long as it works and then see what options are there. My appologies for complaining but I am not sure of what else I can do at this point..? Thanks & 73 de <KF8LT><Jim Wohlgamuth>.

On 14-Oct-16 15:39, Reeva Webb via Talk wrote:
They gonna kill off magic. Trust me. Fs always knew magic was trash. As
soon as the shark and zt get reworked to work well together. Magic will be
put to it's deserved death, zt fusion and we will be killed  and i'll have
to cough up stupid amount of money to upgrade the shark i had in middle
school. Which will still cost me arm and leg even with vfo's "generous"
upgrade pricing. Oh, yeah, kiss ai2's actually helpful tech support goodbye
too, y'all.

On Friday, October 14, 2016, Samuel Wilkins via Talk <
talk@lists.window-eyes.com> wrote:

Hello John,

I have been drafting a letter to VFO because, as you know, there is
speculation that Window-Eyes is going to be phased out.  If it is, I am not
switching to Jaws, because I won't be able to afford it, amongst other
reasons.  However, in my letter, I have pointed out that if Window-Eyes
goes, it provides a significant problem for blind people wanting to get
into work, as not everyone has an access to work fund.  Moreover, one of
the few ways we can work, especially for younger people, is volunteering,
and there, we may be in a crisis, as IT technicians are paranoid about
NVDA, since it is open source, and they think it could contain a virus or
compromise security in another way.  We would be in limbo, as they won't
want NVDA, and they won't pay for Jaws, as Access to Work won't pay for
equipment for unpaid work, so you would have to buy a license for every
computer you use out of your own pocket.  What do you think?  Also, I have
heard that they are developing both Magic and ZoomText.  How come they are
doing that, but phasing out Window-Eyes?  To me, this is a case of double


Samuel Wilkins

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