> Hello everybody,

> on Freitag, 12. Juli 2019 at 01:22  Maxim Masiutin via TBBETA 
> <tbbeta@thebat.dutaint.com> wrote
> re The Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt)
>>  we are now working on version 9

>    essential changes like these for proper quoting in HTML-Mails, more than 
> two years old:
>            1216: HTML viewer does not render BLOCKQUOTE
>            1217: While replying to an HTML message, quoting should
> be done by BLOCKQUOTE, not by TABLE

>    Without this, TheBat! is not really useable for correspondence,
> and not worth to be recommended to any one I care for.
>    I would rather not want to pay for a new version 9, if those changes are 
> not implemented.

This difference is important enough to me that  I would
reconsider  Becky or Pegasus or some other client that handles quoting
the way I need if The Bat were to change.

The   Mozilla   way  makes  it  difficult  to read replied to email on
the many clients  that  don't support it.  On the other hand, Mozilla displays
email quoted on The Bat with no problem.


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> Lüko Willms
> Frankfurt am Main
> Germany

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