Hello Lüko,

We are replacing TB2K/TBX/SpTBX toolbars and menus to DevExpress ribbon 
controls. Window elements like buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons, status bars, 
etc. will have consistent look according to a currently selected theme provided 
by the DevExpress library. PGP internal implementation will be removed. 
Third-party libraries like PngLib, JpegLib, PCRE, etc. will be updated to most 
recent versions. Many thread-related bugs will be fixed. These bugs, for 
example, caused abnormalities on The Bat! exit, i.e. The Bat! Process could 
stay in the task manager after the user have exited the application. We are 
also remove lot of legacy code and replace it with new leaner one without 
sacrificing functionality of The Bat!. The new code is smaller, faster and 
easier to manage by the developers. However, the addition of DevExpress will 
likely increase the executable size of The Bat! significantly. We are still 
committed to compatibility with Windows XP. We will unlikely fix the BLOCKQUOTE 
issues alongside the changes above mentioned.

Best regards,
Maxim Masiutin

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