lunes, 15 jul. 2019 at 19:55, it seems you wrote:

> The Bat - poor support for identities

What do you need?

I  use a lot of email aliases, and with macros in the templates I use 
each aliases without any problem. I set one folder to receive all the 
messages sent or received with one alias. And when I create a new mail 
from that folder the aliases are used.

At this moment I'm writing you from one alias with that setup.


That QT has:

%FROM="NetVicious <xxxx[@]>"
%REPLYTO="NetVicious <xxxx[@]>"

With macros you can set all the identities you new.

Obviously this can be made more simple adding options to TB! to do it 
without the need of using macros. But it works for me from a long long 
long time.


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