Hello Ira,

Your  question  is  not related to any beta feature or enhancement, it
should have been sent to TBUDL and not to this list.

Aside  of  that,  you are sending HTML message. Do you read this list?
Didn't    you    see    a    couple   of   days   ago   this   message
<mid:1938790793.20200616163...@silverstones.com> from list Moderator?

> Hi
> I've started seeing messages with a header that looks like:
> Return-Path: <some...@somemailservice.com>
> Where the Return-Path contains the sender and the From contains my
> email address, so replying to them doesn't work.
> Seems Return-Path is for something else, but why do I keep getting
> emails from people that show both the From and the To containing my
> address , so replying replies to me, not the the sender of the
> email. It's a recent change and I'm not trying to point a finger at
> the Bat, but I'm completely perplexed as to what might cause this.

I  suggest  that  next  time  you try to us Google to look for answers
before asking. Take a look at:

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Miguel A. Urech (Zarzalejo (Madrid) - Spain)
Using The Bat!  Version (BETA) (64-bit) on Windows 10.0  18363

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