Hello MAU,

Thursday, June 18, 2020, 3:28:43 AM, you wrote:

MAU> Your  question  is  not related to any beta feature or enhancement, it
MAU> should have been sent to TBUDL and not to this list.

Sorry, I'm only on this list, I don't know about any other list and 
this started happening just after Steven returned so it seems like it 
might be a beta issue.

MAU> Aside  of  that,  you are sending HTML message. Do you read this list?
MAU> Didn't    you    see    a    couple   of   days   ago   this   message
MAU> <mid:1938790793.20200616163...@silverstones.com> from list Moderator?

I did see Marks post and I thought I followed his answer on how to 
insure all messages to this list were in text format, but I guess it 
backfired since as far as I know, this is my first HTML message to the 
list. I'm sorry for that, but I believe it's fixed now. Thank you for 
letting me know.

-- Ira 

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