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Hi Leif,

On Monday, July 07, 2003 at 08:18 GMT -0600, Leif Gregory [LG] wrote

KC>> In Bat groups like this, including the "mid:"; line helps ...

LG> For the, err, fanatics of TB like us who do keep all the messages,
LG> I totally agree with the mid: concept. However, I'm pretty sure
LG> (just guessing here) that the majority of the list subscribers do
LG> not keep all the messages, and that's where mid: fails.

Yes, one does have to keep all the messages. I don't tend to do that
in all of the lists. Whenever a new beta is released, I usually keep
everything for awhile in TBBeta and the "mid:"; certainly makes
referencing a snap .. assuming the poster includes one. :)

LG> Now if we could just get the archive tweaked where mids could be
LG> gotten from there, then life would be good! <Grin>

I haven't had to use the archives in awhile, but your idea sounds
quite useful.

KC>> When emailing someone's cell phone address I purposefully keep it
KC>> short and simple and eliminate extraneous things like my
KC>> signature line.

LG> Absolutely. I have special address book templates for recipients
LG> on cell phones and such so that all they get is my message (sans
LG> sig) or my reply (sans quotes and sig).

Normally I just call my acquaintances or leave them voice mail.
Occasionally a quick message is best. I just hope that the spammers
don't ruin that media as well.

LG> And I agree with your comment on reading mailing lists using those
LG> devices. Even with my Palm Pilot m515, I don't synch any of my
LG> mailing lists. For one, there's too much volume, and two, it's not
LG> worth the hassle IMHO.

I don't own a palm device, but I do see their merit. I just wouldn't
have time to use one at work but friends who are in sales find them
indispensable. So does that mean you wont be downloading any binary
mp3s from the usenet newsgroups? hehehe

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