Hello Kevin,

Thursday, July 3, 2003, 11:01:06 PM, you wrote:
KC> In Bat groups like this, including the "mid:"; line helps if
KC> someone didn't see the original post and wants to read it in its
KC> entirety.

For the, err, fanatics of TB like us who do keep all the messages, I
totally agree with the mid: concept. However, I'm pretty sure (just
guessing here) that the majority of the list subscribers do not keep
all the messages, and that's where mid: fails. Now if we could just
get the archive tweaked where mids could be gotten from there, then
life would be good! <Grin>

KC> When emailing someone's cell phone address I purposefully keep it
KC> short and simple and eliminate extraneous things like my signature
KC> line.

Absolutely. I have special address book templates for recipients on
cell phones and such so that all they get is my message (sans sig) or
my reply (sans quotes and sig).

And I agree with your comment on reading mailing lists using those
devices. Even with my Palm Pilot m515, I don't synch any of my mailing
lists. For one, there's too much volume, and two, it's not worth the
hassle IMHO.

Leif (TB list moderator and fellow end user).

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