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> For the, err, fanatics of TB like us who do keep all the messages, I
> totally agree with the mid: concept. However, I'm pretty sure (just
> guessing here) that the majority of the list subscribers do not keep
> all the messages, and that's where mid: fails.

OK, now here are my two-pence worth:

On a mailing list like this one, inline quoting is my preferred way of
replying as well reading.

But there are other circumstances. We discussed earlier certain business
environments in which I  think top posting with full quote makes
sense, but I am now on an academic mailing list where top posting is
the rule. Not only that, most replies come in by PM, people offer help
and mean this personally. What follows is a conversation ruled by top

It is a very low-traffic mailing list. But it also fosters personal
contacts, which in the academic world are important. I am thus in
touch with professors from around the world helping me with my little
problem. I don't mind the general top-posting, and I go along with it.



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