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> I don't ever remember it changing the entire thread.

It only changed the messages directly above the new one all the way up
the thread. If the thread branched, those not above the new message
didn't change.

My default view is that unread messages are listed bold red on a black
background (my "unread messages" colour group). When read they go
white and not bold ("messages I have read" colour group). If not read
but just marked as read they are red not bold. Until quite recently,
the messages above a new addition to the thread displayed white bold
on a black background (unread setting in my "messages I have read"
colour group), so it is very clear when scanning through the message
list which threads have new additions. This visual aid is no longer
there and it would be good to have it back.

I think this changed when I upgraded from v4.0.32.4 to v4.0.38 but it
may have been a slightly earlier upgrade.

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