> Hello MFPA,

> On Fri, 9 Jan 2009 00:48:00 +0000 GMT (09/01/2009, 07:48 +0700 GMT),
> MFPA wrote:

>>> I don't ever remember it changing the entire thread.

M>> It only changed the messages directly above the new one all the way up
M>> the thread. If the thread branched, those not above the new message
M>> didn't change.

> I'm with Rick here, I never saw what you are now missing. Had they
> implemented it, I would have protested: Only unread messages should be
> shown as unread, not the messages above it. Because I have read them
> already. They are not unread, so they shouldn't be shown as unread
> only because a new message is added at the bottom.

> So, all is fine.

Are we perhaps talking about in a collapsed tree branch? If so then I
never noticed. It would have to highlight to let you know there was an
unread message in the branch (?) 

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