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>> I'm beginning to think that not many Batters are using
>> IMAP, and maybe more to the point, the reason for it :-/

> I have Thunderbird installed for just such occasions. My preferred
> client is The Bat, but since it is IMAP, I can use any client to get the
> messages and Thunderbird is a good way of testing whether the problem
> is server or client related.
There  have been lots who complain that Bat IMAP is unworkable, but I 
continue  to  find it superior over all to anything else. I only have 
one  account,  which  has  62 folders, and nearly 54,000 messages. It 
collects all my POP accounts, and all my gmail gets forwarded there. I 
haven't  looked  directly  at  gmail  for  months,  nor any of my POP 
accounts  unless  there is some reason to send a message using one of 
those addresses. 

I  also  use  thunderbird  occasionally for testing, and on a regular 
basis  to  compact  all  my folders, since theBat doesn't manage that 

Looking  forward  to  beta  testing the new IMAP, expecting to set up 
additional  IMAP  accounts  for  that,  and changing habits on my POP 
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