> On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 08:05:47PM +0000, Miod Vallat wrote:
> > > In fact, to everybody else who is reading this, doesn't it just point out
> > > that 486 support is, effectively, already broken, (as I suspected),
> > > because the devices that typically go with machines of that era are
> > > suffering bit-rot in the tree?
> > 
> > Absolutely not. First, 80486 support is not broken (but an FPU is
> > required);
> You mis-understand, I am fully aware that the CPU itself is fully
> supported - my point was that it's likely that any 486 as a whole
> is more than likely to contain hardware that has issues which are
> going un-noticed because people are not using the code.

Soekris NET4501 are still in use, and they are based upon 80486 cores.
`Key' ISA devices such as wdc are still heavily tested as pcmcia or such
attachments on i386 and non-i386 platforms. Other devices such as
com(4), pckbc(4), still exist on many systems, even if they are no
longer on extension boards. Even boards such as ISA xl(4) or eg(4)
receive occasional testing several times a year.

> > second, isa drivers receiving few, if any, attention, doesn't
> > mean they are no longer working.
> Where did I claim that, exactly?

``broken (as I suspected)'', followed by ``suffering bit-rot'' does not
exactly convey the idea of something in working condition, does it?

> > Ever heard of `if it ain't broke, don't
> > touch it'?
> Well, maybe Alexey would have been happy for somebody to touch his
> SCSI driver and fix it, why don't you do it for him?  Somebody
> broke it almost 20 releases ago, and guess what, from what I can
> gather it's still broken.

I remember very well ahc(4) being broken on older chips for a couple
releases because the developer in charge had difficulties getting the
code to work with all generations of the chip, but it got better after a
few years. There is no evidence the OP has ever tried OpenBSD again
after switching operating systems on his system.

> > Or are you just trolling for the sake of it?
> I didn't expect that from you, frankly.  Other people have been
> rude to me off-list, but I thought you were above that.

So what? To me, you often sound like a troll.

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