On 28.03.2013, at 13:17, Daniel Bolgheroni <dan...@bolgh.eng.br> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 05:46:30AM +0000, Miod Vallat wrote:
>> You can't say in substance "it's a pity OpenBSD doesn't support the VAX
>> 11/780 anymore" in one mail, "you guys really ought to ditch floppy
>> installation media" in another, and expect people not to question your
>> logic or your motives.
> Agreed. I read all this thread and couldn't figure it out what this guy
> really wants.

To be quite frank, your statement is even more ambiguous and could be easily 
misinterpreted as 'trollish' in nature.

Here, asking questions is considered a waste of many people's time, yet some 
always feel obligated to point out just how much of their precious time is 
actually being wasted. Redundancy and impoliteness ensue.

Ask any psychologist what makes humans special and they will tell you it is the 
ability to ask questions in order to enrich their complex existence. Deal with 
it. And keep your ISA support, because nobody is going to take it away from you 
by asking 'stupid' questions. I really don't get it why it invokes so many hard 

And kudos to Nick for being the calmest and most helpful person in this 
discussion. Keep it up.

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