> Please, don't do this.

What exactly?  You quoted my entire mail, but didn't narrow down exactly
which of my suggestions would cause problems for you.

> I've jumped from OpenBSD to NetBSD boat when SCSI driver were rewritten
> to the "new" version (between 3.1-stable and 3.2-stable), and my "very
> branded" HP NetServer with AIC-7770 (which can work on IRQ 14 when
> primary IDE channel is disabled or IRQ 15 when IDE channel is enabled,
> no other IRQs are possible) ceased to work. For now, my old Acer netbook
> with AMD Turion processor is "too old" for NetBSD (my touchpad doesn't
> work "out of the box"). That's why I'm reading this mail list.

I searched the archives for -tech and -misc, but couldn't find any posts
from you about this.  Both sound like problems that would be fairly easily

Have you tried to boot any OpenBSD version since 3.2 on the HP?

> Just FYI.

Well, that's the whole point of this list :-).

I really wasn't suggesting dropping 486, ISA, or boot floppy support
any time soon.  I assume that the HP is a 486, by the way?  The NetServer
line covers a lot of machines.

In fact, to everybody else who is reading this, doesn't it just point out
that 486 support is, effectively, already broken, (as I suspected),
because the devices that typically go with machines of that era are
suffering bit-rot in the tree?


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