> > I did not want to list all isa drivers which happen to be tested a few
> > times every year either.
> OK, put it this way, there are at least some of the ISA drivers which
> people are not using on a regular basis, and they are broken as a result
> of that.  Agree or not?  We've *seen* examples of this.

I disagree. I'd agree with ``and they are more likely to get broken as a

> > But we don't take large
> > contributions from anonymous people.
> Anonymous?  How do I know 'Miod' is your real name?  Why do I need to know?

It is not my real name, it is only my first name. You aren't using a
last name, and you're unlikely to be one of the few person who actually
don't have any, hence you're anonymous.

> Really, I hope this flame war is all a big mis-understanding.

You can't say in substance "it's a pity OpenBSD doesn't support the VAX
11/780 anymore" in one mail, "you guys really ought to ditch floppy
installation media" in another, and expect people not to question your
logic or your motives.

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