We have 17 ENB's and almost 500 UE's online with 2 EPC's.  Its the only way
we are scaling our network.  We are not having any issues except for a
random reboot needed on a CPE here and there..  The only support calls that
come in are for UBNT gear.  The LTE side of our network is quite as well.
We plan on turning up an additional 5 ENB's sometime this winter.  Out of
500 UE's I have one sitting on the bench that needs to get RMA'd.  I'm
extremely happy with the whole platform from 18 mile line of site shots to
3 miles NLOS through nothing but forest.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:15 AM, Steve Cole <co...@kos.net> wrote:

> On 9/21/2016 12:42 PM, Paul Vaughn wrote:
> > We are also deploying 450i sectors - putting a new tower up today
> actually.  It rocks.  No dropped UEs, manages interference like a boss -
> 900 MHz even, and a fraction of the cost.  It is hard to justify paying
> more for more troubles and less satisfied customers.  We put a lot of hope
> in Telrad initially, and then the new firmware recently, and neither seem
> to be delivering.  I am going to try to roll back the UE firmware as
> recommended on here and see if that helps.
> Yep.  450i performs better in the real world.  RF and throughput.
> Had I known that Telrad would be the MORE difficult path, I'd have saved
> myself a lot of time, effort and aggravation and just gone Cambium.  Oh,
> how I wish that I had.
> All this talk of LTE 'standards' and 'evolution' is meaningless when the
> product's basic operation is a problem.   We're now 18 months past the
> time Telrad said the product would be ready and at this point we were
> supposed to be deploying a different "version" of LTE with much higher
> RF and TCP/IP performance.   But 'software-defined' seems to mean
> something different to Telrad as they're already talking about the UEs
> being obsolete for that purpose - which of course is far more expensive
> to deal with than tower-side gear and makes a lie of any claims about
> 'software evolution' of the product.
> They can't even agree on how to RMA all the UEs we had that stopped
> working when we switched over from WiMax mode to LTE.  We still have a
> pallette of them waiting for Telrad to pull out their thumb while they
> age and we have to buy UEs to continue deployment.
> As an added bonus, they changed the user interface for the 8000
> product.  Because life with Telrad was too easy already.
> I feel really guilty for having been an early adopter and early
> advocate.  The gear doesn't do what it did in our early tests, which
> were WiMax mode - we were told to expect better RF performance, and of
> course I think we all know that what we got was something else. Today I
> tell WISPs to avoid LTE and will continue to do so until proven wrong.
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