I had 8 UE's down this AM when I got into the office. All of them on one Split F1/F2 eNB which is all the UE's on this eNB. S1 was up. RAN 'Inservice'. Timing OK. Spectrum scan showed noise at each end of the spectrum but nothing (-116 / -117) in the middle where this eNB is configured for. Had to reboot the eNB before anyone would reconnect.

Haven't got around to downgrading the UE's to .89 yet but that's on the to do list.

Good Times.


On 22/09/2016 9:48 AM, Terry Duchcherer wrote:

Can you give us a description of your network;

Centralized vs distributed EPC?

Channel width?


Any other equipment working in the 3.65 band?


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Discrete channel? 3660 and 3690 if that's what you mean by discrete. So I have 17 eNBs with 500 UE's combined and you have 100 eNBs with 1000 UE's? I would say the shit is working well if I have half the number of LTE customers on 17 eNB's as you have on a 100 eNBs. The reason for only 500 UE's on LTE is because we have only been deploying it for the last 6 months. But I can guarantee you that our other 6000 customers will be getting put on it in the near future!

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    On 9/21/2016 1:49 PM, Justin Davis wrote:
    > We have 17 ENB's and almost 500 UE's online with 2 EPC's.  Its the
    > only way we are scaling our network.  We are not having any issues
    > except for a random reboot needed on a CPE here and there..  The
    > support calls that come in are for UBNT gear.  The LTE side of our
    > network is quite as well.  We plan on turning up an additional 5
    > sometime this winter. Out of 500 UE's I have one sitting on the
    > that needs to get RMA'd.  I'm extremely happy with the whole
    > from 18 mile line of site shots to 3 miles NLOS through nothing but
    > forest.
    Sounds like you have your own discrete channel and a low user
    count overall.

    We have over 100 eNBs and well over 1,000 clients on 3.65Ghz.

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