On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 4:27:22 AM UTC+1, Mark S. wrote:
> If I set the download directory to C:\, then I can set the backup 
> directory to /users/mark/temp/twbackups ... the file is saved and the 
> backup works!
> But if I set the download directory to D:\, and I set the backup directory 
> to /temp/twbackups ... the file is saved, but the backup appears in a 
> sub-directory of the target file, ignoring the specified backup path. This 
> may be related to D: being a network drive, EXCEPT for the next weird thing.

That's an interesting setup, I didn't think of and therefore didn't test 
it. ... So I will have to have a closer look, what's going on.  

If I set the download directory to D:\, and I set the backup directory to 
> ../../temp/twbackups ... the file is saved, AND the backup appears in the 
> designated directory. 

Can you hit the F12 key and open the dev-console and view the Console tab. 
There's probably the error message form the last post. 


> So, if it was a permissions thing, I wouldn't expect that to work at all. 
> The problem is, giving a path like ../../twbackups will save to the wrong 
> place as soon as I go down one more directory level.

Yea, that's expected, since the ../../xx goes up 2 levels. But there may be 
only 1 level left. So may be an error state. 

> My thought was that it would be possible to have one window set up to save 
> using the C: directory, and another windows (FF profile) set up to work 
> with the D: directory. But the backup for the D: directory is uncooperative.

I'll have to test this. ... Is D:\ a windows network directory, or is it a 
"samba mount" to a unix-like system.

> Thanks!

Thx for the feedback! ... I think we have gone past our "communication and 
naming problems" ;)


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