On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 10:07:53 PM UTC+1, Mark S. wrote:

> On another issue, what path can you give fb to tell it to save in an 
> absolute location?

OK I see. Absolute position is forbidden by the browser web-extension API. 

>> That's not possible (because of browser security concerns) and it's not 
>> needed.
> Ok, I just realized that I can use ../.. to back out of the current 
> directory. So that works. I don't need to send the backups to a different 
> physical drive. Just one single point where they're not part of the weekly 
> backup plan.

Important for those who don't use a root directory as the browser download 

As long as you stay inside the "browser downloads" directory "araa" a 
../twBackups as the "Backup directory" will work. 

BUT as soon as you "leave" the "area" you will see this message in the 
browser dev Console (F12): save-wiki error: Error: "filename must not 
contain back-references" 

I didn't think about this setting, that's why there is no user facing 
message atm. *So if the setting is wrong there is no warning _and_ NO 

I will create a bug-report at github for this.


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