On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 10:07:53 PM UTC+1, Mark S. wrote:

> I wasn't talking about the original source file. I was talking about the 
> files in twbackups. I want them to save somewhere else. I don't want them 
> to save in the original files' directory or sub-directory because that will 
> cause more maintenance headaches.

OK I see.

> For instance, tiddlydesktop has a backup, and I just set it to send the 
> backups to a directory on a drive that has lots of free space. I don't have 
> to worry about remembering to delete the backup set before doing a physical 
> backup.

Yea, TD creates an unlimited number of files. file-backups creates the 
number of files you allow it, to create (PLUS 1 for the "out of order" 
save). So the size should be deterministic.


I was thinking about the possibility to create something like a "Snapshot 
Save". Which will do a similar thing as the "out of order" backup, but with 
the possibility to configure a "snapshot-name". ... like: myWiki-(Version 
1) ... where "Version 1" is the snapshot name and can be anything. 

Following our discussion, I think there should be a different directory 
setting for the snapshots. Defaulting to twSnapshots


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