Capacity in USA to treat people who paid for it is likely matched.

Just like Italy, America-- nor any other country I believe (I'm interested 
to see if Germany's bed capafcity is enough) is prepared for massive 
casualities (in this case sick),  Been known since the Cold War (& civil 
defense) and movies have touched on it.  When the article about Italy's 
health care system straining-- the doctors mentioned wartime casaulity 
rates (I rememcer that term from civil defense)

Despite what everyone thinks, America does have medical care for 
non-insured, disadvantaged (publically funded county hospitals that already 
overwhelmed)-- i've used it before-- its limited by funding and you get 
billed if not on a social program/financial assitance.  It will be 
overwhelmed just like private care-- NYC already called for assistance from 
the Federal Government because they already know they don't have the 

The military is mobilizing 2 hospital ships and 1 full field hospital which 
raises another issue-- lack of health care staff, military reserves draw 
from the civilian population and those who are health care may already be 
engaged in the civilian health care system.

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