In Denmark we are paying high taxes and have universal healthcare.
Our system changed a lot since around 2004. Before we had large hospitals 
in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. The three largest cities and connected to 
the universities. A lot of smaller hospitals all over the country. Everyone 
had a family doctor.
Then that were changed. Now we were to have a few superhospitals with all 
specialists. The local hospitals were closed. Not taking up enough medical 
students and not having enough postgraduate training hospitals, well now 
even in the biggest cities, not everyone can have their own "family doctor" 
lack of around 30% without. Far worse outside the cities.

Everything really worked better before the changes, more effective. And we 
used to laugh thinking of USA. The truth being that not all danish taxes 
was used on healthcare - really a rather small fraction with the old 
system. In fact about half the money pr. head, that was calculated for USA 
- and then they even had to pay more themselves and exclude at lot of 
people. That was beyond our beliefs.

All that has changed, the super this and that had the result of longer 
distance for lots of people and less hospital beds in all.

Digitalisation was costly and doctors and nurses now use a lot of time 
doing what the secretary used to do.

I have read that especially the Epic system are blamed for a lot of 
hospitals in the USA claiming bankruptcy especially in 2018.

USA are loosing hospital in a rapid rate.


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