The two  quotes from Texas ...

*"people round here live from paycheck to paycheck"*

*"Most people I know won't get tested because they can't afford treatment."*

Seems likely.

Since USA has NO universal healthcare commitment.

A person ill would have NO idea of Liberals wishes you may have. 
There is as yet no Federal commitment to universal care.


On Wednesday, 25 March 2020 22:29:49 UTC+1, TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> A Gloom wrote:
>> @TT
>> Capacity in USA to treat people who paid for it is likely matched.
>> Just like Italy, America-- nor any other country I believe (I'm 
>> interested to see if Germany's bed capafcity is enough) 
> German intensive care provision is better than Italy.
>> Despite what everyone thinks, America does have medical care for 
>> non-insured ...
> It is simply not credible. There is no way that you can have universal 
> healthcare for all AND have expensive private systems at the scale USA has 
> that foster saving those most that pay most.
> Sure you could say "we helped". It is NOT a level field and pretence it is 
> is silly.
> My quotes from Texas express it quite well.
> TT

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