We would need to get rid of a lot of EU restrictions. Reduce a hell of a 
lot of bureaucrazy. The need for health professionals to use most part of 
their working hours to enter data for every possible thing. Much of it of 
no relevance to the actual treatment right now, but data registers are to 
be build. Everything collected and fun together. Often leaking in public. 
All that stuff are also hacked rather often.

Educating enough doctors and nurses would also help. Not constantly let of 
personel to get yet more It or fancy campaigns. Taxpayers want something 
for their money. That something is diagnose and treatment.

I do know the plan is more and more digitalization and dreams of robot, AI 
and all that. To make it more personal is even argued. I am not against 
that, but really they can not substitute everything.

It will come to slowdown due to less and less people want to study long 
years, expensive years to work like they have been doing for years now. 
That is also why politicians wanted to increase the uptake of students only 
not enough students wanted it any more.


torsdag den 26. marts 2020 kl. 00.53.18 UTC+1 skrev TiddlyTweeter:
> Ciao cara Bifthe
> How can we reverse it?
> You complain but say nothing about how to slow or reverse it.
> Are you witness only?
> TT

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