Hi Joshua,

many hanks for getting back to me with the missing piece.

I'll have a go later and report back.


On Sunday, 14 June 2020 00:46:13 UTC+1, Joshua Fontany wrote:
> Hi Jon, author of JsonMangler here. I setup the import to package the 
> imported tiddlers into a plugin to have a simple way of 
> overwriting.updating/deleting a whole import at once.
> The way that tiddlywiki is setup, "shadow" tiddlers are full tiddlers in 
> the system (beware of confusing this with "system" tiddlers that start with 
> "$:/" because something can be both a shadow and a system tiddler).
> Meaning that you can search for and/or filter-query any "shadow" tiddler 
> just like any other tiddler, BUT you have to start your filter runs with 
> `all[shadows+tiddlers]` instead of the default (asumed if missing) 
> `all[tiddlers]`. The one special feature of shadow tiddlers is that you can 
> edit them, creating a "regular" tiddler of that name to store the edits, 
> and then if you delete the edited version the "backup/shadow" version is 
> immediately referenced in its place.
> For example, after importing the Video Games CSV in my example wiki, you 
> can hit the Filter tab of $:/AdvancedSearch and enter 
> `[all[shadows+tiddlers]search:*[Mario]]` to display links to all references 
> to "Mario".
> If you want to promote a shadow tiddler to a regular one, the easiest way 
> to do that is a weird little hack I picked up, where you setup a button to 
> delete a field that DOES NOT EXIST from each shadow tiddler, like so:
> ```
> \define plugin-target() Data/vgsales
> \define unpack-actions()
> <$list variable="shadowtiddler" 
> filter="[<plugin-target>indexes[/tiddlers]]">
> <$action-setfield $tiddler=<<shadowtiddler>> 
> $field="does.not.exit.in.this.wiki452369084306093845760894253" />
> </$list>
> \end
> <$button actions=<<unpack-actions>> >
> Press here to unpack <<plugin-target>>
> </$button>
> <$list variable="test" filter="[<plugin-target>indexes[/tiddlers]]">
> </$list>
> ```
> This creates a regular tiddler that is identical to the shadow, for each 
> one in the plugin-target. Change the definition of that line to your target 
> plugin containing yuor imported tiddlers and it will "unpack" it for you 
> (you will no longer need `all[shadows+tiddlers]` in filters to target the 
> "unpacked" tiddlers). You will see the links to your tiddlers go from being 
> Bold to normal font to show that they are now "overwritten shadow 
> tiddlers", and exist as normal tiddlers in the wiki.
> Best,
> Joshua F.
> On Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 12:40:10 AM UTC-7, Jon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm importing a .csv file and I want each row to be a separate tiddler.
>> What's the best way to do this?
>> I have tried TW5-JsonMangler/ 
>> <https://joshuafontany.github.io/TW5-JsonMangler/> where "each 
>> individual row is rendered to a tiddler, then these tiddlers are packaged 
>> as shadow-tiddlers into a plugin."
>> but then there doesn't appear to be any instructions as to what to do 
>> with the resulting plugin (sorry, I'm only an end user).
>> Any guidance about using this method or an alternative much appreciated.
>> Regards
>> Jon 

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