Thanks Joshua and for the extra bit about the message. 

After using your suggestion for the filtering syntax, I actually like the 
idea of keeping everything bundled as a plugin - what I've imported is 19 
years' worth of diary entries, so I'm not going to edit them anyway and I 
like the warning message which pops up if I attempt to (but it's good to 
know I can unpack them if needed). After opening, they also don't appear in 
the recent tab which also suits me by keeping that free.

Just as an aside, I noticed that I wasn't able to drag and drop the diary 
plugin into another wiki - nothing is imported.

Thanks again.

On Sunday, 14 June 2020 23:41:57 UTC+1, Joshua Fontany wrote:
> Excellent work figuring out the Filter syntax needed to set the title!
> Handling all the possibilities around CSV data in a flexible way was a 
> complicated problem, so thank you for the feedback (notes for the next 
> version's UI, which is a while out).
> In order to get rid of the shadow tiddler warning, once you have confirmed 
> that the source plugin is unpacked to your specs, you can simply delete the 
> source plugin tiddler. It will leave all the "modified" tiddlers behind.
> Best,
> Joshua Fontany
> On Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 9:22:56 AM UTC-7, Jon wrote:
>> Hi Joshua,
>> A bit more experimenting and yes, it does appear that using another field 
>> for the created date does allow for correct sorting etc.
>> I also found that adding a 'tags' column in the spreadsheet is respected 
>> for the import and so a tag is added to each tiddler.
>> Thank you!
>> Regards
>> Jon
>> On Sunday, 14 June 2020 16:32:11 UTC+1, Jon wrote:
>>> Just played around with this a bit and having the 'title' in the 1st 
>>> column of the spreadsheet, setting the primary key to 0 and then 
>>> putting [<primaryKey>] in the box for the shadow name filter names the 
>>> resulting tiddlers with the 'title' field - so all good!
>>> With regard to the creation date,  if I gave it a different name (so 
>>> that it is imported), I suppose I could still perform ordering  and 
>>> searching etc. in the same way.
>>> Good to have some confirmation of this before I go any further.
>>> Thanks
>>> Jon
>>> On Sunday, 14 June 2020 12:37:24 UTC+1, Jon wrote:
>>>> Hi Joshua,
>>>> The unpacking worked really well and things are looking promising but 
>>>> there are few glitches I can't get past.
>>>> For the .csv file to import, I included the fieldnames 'title' 'text' & 
>>>> 'created'.
>>>> The text field appeared in the body of the tiddler as it should but the 
>>>> created & title fields appear to be absent.
>>>> Instead, the name of the tiddler is derived from the name of the 
>>>> plug-in.
>>>> I noticed there is an option to define the primary key and as the title 
>>>> field is in the first row of the spreadsheet,  I chose the column 0 
>>>> option. 
>>>> This created a name for each tiddler which includes the contents of the 
>>>> 'title' field but combined with the name of the plugin - so perhaps a bit 
>>>> of tweaking will solve this easily.
>>>> Also, I notice that for the unpacked tiddlers, there is still a message 
>>>> which appears in edit mode:
>>>> "This is a modified shadow tiddler. You can revert to the default 
>>>> version in the plugin Data/Metrics - HH by deleting this tiddler"
>>>> Regards
>>>> Jon
>>>> This is a modified shadow tiddler. You can revert to the default 
>>>> version in the plugin Data/Metrics - HH by deleting this tiddler
>>>> On Sunday, 14 June 2020 07:25:46 UTC+1, Jon wrote:
>>>>> Hi Joshua,
>>>>> many thanks for getting back to me with the missing piece.
>>>>> I'll have a go later and report back.
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Jon
>>>>> On Sunday, 14 June 2020 00:46:13 UTC+1, Joshua Fontany wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Jon, author of JsonMangler here. I setup the import to package the 
>>>>>> imported tiddlers into a plugin to have a simple way of 
>>>>>> overwriting.updating/deleting a whole import at once.
>>>>>> The way that tiddlywiki is setup, "shadow" tiddlers are full tiddlers 
>>>>>> in the system (beware of confusing this with "system" tiddlers that 
>>>>>> start 
>>>>>> with "$:/" because something can be both a shadow and a system tiddler).
>>>>>> Meaning that you can search for and/or filter-query any "shadow" 
>>>>>> tiddler just like any other tiddler, BUT you have to start your filter 
>>>>>> runs 
>>>>>> with `all[shadows+tiddlers]` instead of the default (asumed if missing) 
>>>>>> `all[tiddlers]`. The one special feature of shadow tiddlers is that you 
>>>>>> can 
>>>>>> edit them, creating a "regular" tiddler of that name to store the edits, 
>>>>>> and then if you delete the edited version the "backup/shadow" version is 
>>>>>> immediately referenced in its place.
>>>>>> For example, after importing the Video Games CSV in my example wiki, 
>>>>>> you can hit the Filter tab of $:/AdvancedSearch and enter 
>>>>>> `[all[shadows+tiddlers]search:*[Mario]]` to display links to all 
>>>>>> references 
>>>>>> to "Mario".
>>>>>> If you want to promote a shadow tiddler to a regular one, the easiest 
>>>>>> way to do that is a weird little hack I picked up, where you setup a 
>>>>>> button 
>>>>>> to delete a field that DOES NOT EXIST from each shadow tiddler, like so:
>>>>>> ```
>>>>>> \define plugin-target() Data/vgsales
>>>>>> \define unpack-actions()
>>>>>> <$list variable="shadowtiddler" 
>>>>>> filter="[<plugin-target>indexes[/tiddlers]]">
>>>>>> <$action-setfield $tiddler=<<shadowtiddler>> 
>>>>>> $field="" />
>>>>>> </$list>
>>>>>> \end
>>>>>> <$button actions=<<unpack-actions>> >
>>>>>> Press here to unpack <<plugin-target>>
>>>>>> </$button>
>>>>>> <$list variable="test" filter="[<plugin-target>indexes[/tiddlers]]">
>>>>>> </$list>
>>>>>> ```
>>>>>> This creates a regular tiddler that is identical to the shadow, for 
>>>>>> each one in the plugin-target. Change the definition of that line to 
>>>>>> your 
>>>>>> target plugin containing yuor imported tiddlers and it will "unpack" it 
>>>>>> for 
>>>>>> you (you will no longer need `all[shadows+tiddlers]` in filters to 
>>>>>> target 
>>>>>> the "unpacked" tiddlers). You will see the links to your tiddlers go 
>>>>>> from 
>>>>>> being Bold to normal font to show that they are now "overwritten shadow 
>>>>>> tiddlers", and exist as normal tiddlers in the wiki.
>>>>>> Best,
>>>>>> Joshua F.
>>>>>> On Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 12:40:10 AM UTC-7, Jon wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>> I'm importing a .csv file and I want each row to be a separate 
>>>>>>> tiddler.
>>>>>>> What's the best way to do this?
>>>>>>> I have tried TW5-JsonMangler/ 
>>>>>>> <> where "each 
>>>>>>> individual row is rendered to a tiddler, then these tiddlers are 
>>>>>>> packaged 
>>>>>>> as shadow-tiddlers into a plugin."
>>>>>>> but then there doesn't appear to be any instructions as to what to 
>>>>>>> do with the resulting plugin (sorry, I'm only an end user).
>>>>>>> Any guidance about using this method or an alternative much 
>>>>>>> appreciated.
>>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>>> Jon 

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