Hi Riz

Thank you very much for sharing your adapted Wordpress theme here.
Great to have more options for choosing themes in a non-destructive way.

4 questions:

a) I changed the language to danish but the search input field (in the left 
sidebar) still shows "search" in english instead of the danish translation 
"søg". How do I change this?

b) The "tgc-leftmenu animated fadeIn" header "logo"(<h1 class="logo" 
style="color:#000;margin-top: 35px;"><span class="tc-inline-style" 
style="font-weight:900;paddding-top:35px;">Search</span></h1>) is "Search" 
(again in english). 
I found out that I could change the text in the tiddler: 
Is there a way to make it change with the choosen language?

c) Every time you click a menu item or open a popup from the sidebar the 
wiki is marked as "dirty". 
I'd like to change this - as I keep forgetting if I made changes the the 
content - and I don't want the wiki to get "dirty" just by reading it. 
Is it possible to change this behaviour?

d) I'd like the slidein popup to close when you click outside it  - so you 
don't have to click the close button or the menu item once again to close 
Is it possible to make it behave like this?

Thanks again.

Sincerely Måns Mårtensson

Ps: I'm using two of your themes here:
a) http://xn--mns-ula.dk/filosofi
b) http://guitar.tiddlyspot.com/

Den lørdag den 26. november 2016 kl. 18.05.54 UTC+1 skrev Riz:
> Moments is a beautiful free and responsive theme available for wordpress. 
> This is an adaptation of the same for TW5 platform. All the design credits 
> goes to the site and the original designer.
> Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/IgzJo
> To see demo and download the plugin, go to: 
> http://tesseractmoments.surge.sh/
> If you cannot see the left sidebar as shown in the screenshots, try 
> zooming out a bit. 
> Do let me know your inputs and feedbacks

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