Lost Admin's suggestions are good. In addition to this, I'd love to see:

   - Convenient backup and restore
   - Option to create multiple TiddlyWikis within the same account, with 
   different properties (encrypted versus publicly readable etc.)
   - Creation of new TiddlyWikis with "one click" (or a similarly easy 
   - Clear and transparent information about hosting (location etc.) and 
   data privacy (important for business usage)
Another nice-to-have:

   - Option to define empty TiddlyWikis as "templates" for the creation of 
   new TiddlyWikis 



On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 2:22:06 PM UTC+2, Arlen Beiler wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have been thinking recently that I would like to build an online service 
> specifically geared toward TW5. It would be different from Danielo's note 
> self in that the data would also be hosted. 
> I am thinking that it would be a paid service, either as a subscription or 
> pay as you go. I don't really know which one yet I don't really know how it 
> all work but I am thinking of using the Amazon web services to build it on 
> and that seems to have some pretty good features for pay as you go.
> So now for the question. If you were going to subscribe to the service, 
> what are the main features you would be interested in? The sky's the limit, 
> I want to hear your thoughts.
> Thanks,
> -Arlen

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