- Something like the shut down TiddlySpace model (...or maybe that's the 
   same as the TiddlyWeb model?) with tiddlers as first class citizens 
   spanning across wikis so you can concoct TWs out of tiddlers in other TWs. 
   That was extremely cool and useful. 
   - But a big limitation with TiddlySpace was that it was limited to that 
   server so when it eventually shut down the connectedness between (exported) 
   wikis broke.  
   - ...so, for your service, other than export functionality to create a 
   single-file tw...
   - ...I'd also wish for some solution to export with intact 
   - *And the exporting solution must be without lock-in aspects, were your 
   service to shut down. No ransoms, and none of my darlings lost in 
   - Private by default. Click to publish.. some parts of it!
   - Tiddler encryption.
   - myprettyurl.com ...no? ok, then  myprettyurl.yourprettydomain.com 
   ...but I also somehow want subspaces... myprettyurl/music , mytw/coding,etc 
   that are "to the left in the url string". (yeah, I did say "somehow").
   - VERY easy to make new TWs, even simpler than on TiddlySpot. Should be 
   doable: Click a button New TW and it gets a default url. Overwrite the TW 
   title and the url is replaced. It would be very valuable for everyone in 
   the community to zap up problem demos, minimal test cases etc.
   - Related; easy import (copy) of external TW without need for 
   middle-step downloads to local computer. Give url, checkbox if "import 
   here" or "import to new url", click import ---> Bam!  
   - Unlimited amount of TWs and tiddlers.
   - Separate non-wiki files... hm... I'd be OK with a file-size 
   restriction for non-wiki files.
   - Absolutely no "enter your phone number", "credit card required", 
   "personal details". Instead pay e.g via paypal or amazon account to get an 
   ID but then identify via a nick and password.
   - Publish to gallery / plugin store / ... maybe even a commercial market 
   place. You get a cut of each sale or perhaps special accounts have selling 

...sky's the limit? Ok, throw in a better discussion forum than this place. 
Based on some wiki type software that centers around small chunks of text, 
if that exists ;-)

Pricing? TW is my cocaine so I guess I'm not the best at telling what is 
reasonable, but I'd be prepared to pay a decent sum if I believed in the 
service. But I'd want a one time sum, or perhaps once per 2 years. No 
annoying "renew or lose it" subscriptions. What does "pay as you go" mean? 
If it means a new payment for everything I do then it would definitely have 
to be well hidden and not remind me of it all the time. I hate seeing the 
taxi meter tick-tick-tick. But again, I want to feel 100% free to throw 
together a quick demo or to illustrate some problem, as is the case on 
TiddlySpot, but if it costed me money to help others then I wouldn't do 

Really looking forward to this. Need a week? Two?


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