Hi Tony,

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I feel your frustration. I've been 
there lots of times - convinced that the thing I'm trying to do should be 
simple and yet not being able to find a way to do it. Often I find that 
whilst two things might seem equally complicated, one of them is trivial 
and the other is impossible. Such is life.

To help us address your first point, could you give a specific example of 
something that you feel the current syntax should be able to do and can't? 
Is it possible to get the desired behaviour by storing the values of your 
constants in tiddler fields and referring to them directly?

As to your second point; if you find any of the tiddlers tagged 
with $:/tags/EditTemplate (for example $:/core/ui/EditTemplate/fields) and 
add the tag $:/tags/ViewTemplate they will appear in the view template too. 
Maybe this is a little more crude than you were imagining? It can be 
improved upon by writing some UI of our own, if you have a specific idea of 
how you'd like it to work. Is this basically what you meant?


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