Thanks, Mark. I'm working on a perl script to manage this (since I don't 
know JavaScript, but vaguely remember perl). It would seem that it will be 
necessary to rely on the willingness of the wikipedia editors to maintain 
their page in standard structure. And every wikipedia page will be 
different, though there should be some overlaps across pages. 

This is an interesting project, but one that will take a bit of a backseat 
for a while, unless I continue to be interested in the substance...


On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 6:22:57 PM UTC-5, Mark S. wrote:
> The original request was to split off the WP article into separate tids. 
> If you replace the BulletList section of the code I previously provided 
> with this:
> function BulletList(items)
>   local buffer = {}
>   local name = ""
>   local cnt = 0
>   for _, item in pairs(items) do
>     buffer = {}
>     name = string.match(item, "([%w%s%.]+),")
>     if name then 
>       cnt = cnt + 1
>       buffer = {}
>       filename= cnt .. ".tid"
>       table.insert(buffer, "title: " ..  name )
>       table.insert(buffer, "tags: " ..  "People" )
>       table.insert(buffer, "")
>       table.insert(buffer, item)
>       local file =, "w")
>       file:write(table.concat(buffer,"\n"))
>       file:close()
>     end
>   end
>   return table.concat(buffer)
> end
> and feed it just an HTML file containing the "Players" from the article 
> specified, you will get a directory full of numbered tid files that can be 
> dnd into TW resulting in per-name tiddlers tagged with "People".
> The timeline elements were not as regular as the "Players" elements, so 
> they would be harder to work out. But everything in principle should be 
> here for anyone that wants to follow-up.
> I think there's probably a better approach using just Javascript macros 
> and TW, but there you are.
> -- Mark

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