Ciao Mark S.

Totally agree about regex, though I love it, its difficult to use 100% 
reliably the more generalised the input case is. "Debugging" regex can be 
seriously difficult. Its easier for "construction-up" as you can have a 
CLEAR starting point than "strip-drown" of formats that may have one-off 
complexities that in regex lead to unexpected results.

Right, the original post is about Wikipedia but it HAS to enfold conversion 
to TW, or something compatible. So TW general conversion does arise, I 
think, as a, if not THE, central issue.

Best wishes

Mark S. wrote:
> Baby steps. The original post was about converting Wikipedia (HTML) into 
> TW format.
> For my own use, I have a html2tw regex-based javascript macro that I use 
> inside BJ's web clipper. This works really well with my target sites 
> (though there's always a little clean-up and conversion from remote to 
> local image files). Unfortunately it only works on Wikipedia paragraphs -- 
> for some reason when it sees the main headers it ignores subsequent text. 
> This is the problem with regex-based approaches -- there's always some 
> subtle thing that sends everything off the rails.
> -- Mark
> On Friday, February 23, 2018 at 8:35:13 AM UTC-8, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
>> Steve, Mark.S, TonyM, BTC & all.
>> Returning to the theme. I'm sure Pandoc to TW would be a great plus to 
>> ease migration to TW. In terms of conversion TWC & TW5 variants would be 
>> awesome. TWC is still live and significant.
>> My concern about it is NOT Pandoc to TW, its TW to Pandoc. BOTH ways 
>> conversion is important for Pandoc.
>> I'm not fully convinced its workable. TW differs from most Pandoc formats 
>> in having a dynamism that is significant to looks and function in a way 
>> most Pandoc formats don't have. Pandoc is largely pretty static document 
>> formats. 
>> TW can modify its own form so I'm kinda AS interested in what Pandoc can 
>> do with TW to get it into other formats as I am the other way round. I'm 
>> not yet convinced that it might not be a disappointing experience TW -> 
>> Other.
>> I guess it would be some kinda gateway to greater  uptake to TW. But I do 
>> think its a bit more complicated than it might look on first take. That's 
>> in addition to the Haskell hassle.
>> Best wishes
>> Josiah

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