This discussion is really interesting!

One thing is more clear to me, from the excellent, relevant, replies, is 
how discussion of "Markup" quickly invokes multiple issues: amongst others, 
conversion, compliance standards, nice styling & working-practices. 

I'm thinking about how to restate some of the issues I was trying to make 
originally a bit more clearly so I can answer some of the points raised in 
a way that is helpful. The fact its quite difficult to articulate them is, 
I think, part of the issue too. "Markup" ideas, I think, can be a 
conceptual trap that is limiting.

ONE thing that I don't see explicitly in the replies, apart from PMario's, 
a grasp of the fundamental open (unique?) structure of TW parsing. FWIW, I 
wouldn't have written those posts without that looming in my mind. 

Best wishes

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