This is an interesting issue. On the one hand we have markup for wikitext 
styling using, for instance, the @@ syntax. On the other hand one 
inevitably hits a contradiction in Markup systems that are meant to be 
human readable. That to get complex styling is not sane through "Markup", 
as Jermolene put it well recently: *that would take us back to the same 
level of complexity as HTML itself. *

This is precisely why I'm as much interested in styling for specific 
Document Types as in generic markup. Markup is a blunt instrument for 
specifics IMO. Document types provide a layout that is ITSELF the TEMPLATE 
for format. This allows sophisticated styling without any explicit markup 
at all.

I slightly exaggerate. But not much.

Joe Armstrong wrote:
> The problem(s) I want to solve are "make the output beautiful" 
> and "make the output programmatically" when this makes sence
> TW seems a pretty good compromise at these - For beautiful output
> I'd have to turn TW in LaTeX of something - but I'll cross one
> bridge at a time.

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