thank you for supplying such a nice reply! This is probably the way I would 
like to move along. 

To improve my knowledge of TiddlyWiki, I'm trying to understand the code 
pieces you supplied. 
I believe, I more or less understand it, except for the exact way how the 
variable <<currentTiddler>> is being used. 

If I get it correctly, TiddlyWiki code is, in some sense, being run 
continuously, and whenever it finds itself at the place of 
it brings the titles A, B and C as values to the "trans-edit" piece of 
code, which then provides the listing of the edit-buttons together with the 
content of the A, B and C tiddlers.

However, what is happening when the the code of "trans-edit" is being run 
independently, that is, when there are no tiddler titles provided for the 
filter operator in the "trans-edit" tiddler? Do I understand it correctly, 
that, in this case, the value of <<currentTiddler>> is "trans-edit" and 
that is why the "trans-edit" tiddler tries to include itself into itself 
and the result is: "Recursive transclusion error in transclude widget", 
which I see in the view-window of "trans-edit"? 

Is it alright to see this error or could it be somehow avoided?

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