Stephan - terrific stuff!

Mark S. wrote:
> It's a very clever re-factoring of existing abilities, though. Maybe an 
> additional example in the "templates" part of the documentation would be in 
> order.

Not sure it is a "re-factoring" as much as an understanding: I thought the 
prerequisite for a {{A||B}} was that the A is an *existing *tiddler, i.e 
that the template transclusion "started" with tiddler A and then applied 
template B to it. But apparently it can be a missing tiddler, i.e really a 
just a string [of characters], because the template transclusion starts 
with the template B and applies [the string] A to it. This is not clear in 
the docs, AFAIK.

...but even with this knowledge it is extremely clever of Stephan to 
realize it could be used in that context!

*More general solution*

Considering how A B C are intended as sub-sections for some tiddler (lets 
call it "myarticle"), then instead of hard coding the sub-sections, i.e

{{[[A]] [[B]] [[C]]||trans-edit}}

you can have the sub-section tiddlers tagged "myarticle" and do something 
like this:

\define transedit() {{$(taggedcurr)$||trans-edit}}

<$set name=taggedcurr filter="[tag<currentTiddler>]">

Then, to almost automatically create articles, put this in a conditional 
<>. This 
means that all (and only) tiddlers tagged e.g "article" will show the 
sub-section aggregation.


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