> I am not sure how I am going to use this but it sounds great.
> Please publish some simple use cases and example so the those of us less 
> familular at using this tech can access it.
> Good work
> Tony

Thanks Tony,
I'm planning to use them on the page for more real-worls use-cases
Right now each plugin has a doc tiddler with an example

@JD over at http://j.d.material.tiddlyspot.com is using the swipe widget 
for the FAB button in the bottom right corner and for showing/hiding the 
sidebar (swipe from the right screen edge/swipe from the left screen edge)

http://smarties.tiddlyspot.com uses the pan widget to move the sidebar

http://panflex.tiddlyspot.com uses the pan widget to show 
top/bottom/left/right panels

http://tiddlypiano.tiddlyspot.com uses the press widget to create kind of a 
piano with tuba sounds

The most recent and stable versions of the widgets are on the new page, and 
there they should be retrieved


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