> Hi Simon,
> I am absolutely amazed how much you accomplished ... and I am proud you 
> linked smarties.tiddlyspot.com as a reference. I would like to update 
> which plugins and tiddlers will be necessary for the sidebar after the 
> great update of TW.
> Looking at the great UX of the SlideBar, I would I would like to switch to 
> the pan widget for the left menu as well because it explains itself so much 
> better in the experience. 
> But I think I still would like to have a feature that could enhance the 
> widget for this:
> I would like to have a threshold for the endaction to have this effect:
> If I pan the menu it beginns to move out. If pan less then 100px it snaps 
> back, if I pan more than 100px it snaps out completely.
> Could you make this possible?
> -Jan
>> Hi Jan, yes that's possible to accomplish

You can use the whole left bar as a pan element

then the endactions will look like this: 

<$vars snapLimit="100" pointerPosition={{pan-state-tiddler!!center-x}}>
<$vars positionBelowLimitCheck=<<formula "lte(<<pointerPosition>>, 
<$list filter="[<positionBelowLimitCheck>regexp[^TRUE$]]">
set left bar off
<$list filter="[<positionBelowLimitCheck>!regexp[^TRUE$]]">
set left bar on

this will not move the left bar with the pointer, it will just jump from on 
to off and vice-versa

Is that what you want to accomplish?

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